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  • Rayan Slim

    Rayan Slim

    Software developer and teacher. Currently teaching 70000+ developers around the world. rslim087@gmail.com

  • Rose Ernst

    Rose Ernst

    Once a political science professor, but now a happy full-time editor, coach, and autistic traveler. theautistictraveler.com.

  • Murat Can Budak

    Murat Can Budak

    25 • Co-founder at Turing’s Cube • Entrepreneur • Working on Smart Automation systems with AI tech • Write on Business and Life

  • brett fox

    brett fox

    I work with startup CEOs to help them grow their businesses . I built several businesses from $0 to >$100M. Learn more at https://www.brettjfox.com

  • neilperkin


    Author of ‘Building the Agile Business’ and ‘Agile Transformation’. Founder of Only Dead Fish. Curator of Google Firestarters.

  • Method


    Method is a global strategic design and engineering consultancy. We use design and technology to solve big challenges for businesses, people, and the planet.

  • Justin McMurray

    Justin McMurray

    Exploring things, starting things, rooting for the underdog. www.earlydays.com.

  • Andrew Ng

    Andrew Ng

    AI, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Online Education.

  • Juan José Calderón Amador * ✘ ★

    Juan José Calderón Amador * ✘ ★

    ⓔlige la cadena de la vida abc1chde2ghij3…✘ⓔ-ⓝⓐⓤⓣⓐ, ⓔ-ⓜⓔⓝⓣⓔ Sevilla★#blockchain★elearning ★Ⓐrⓣ★ education★P2P★economy★

  • Lance Gutteridge

    Lance Gutteridge

    Dr. Lance Gutteridge has a PhD in computability theory. Presently CTO of Formever Inc. (www.formever.com) where he architects ERP authoring software.

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